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Common faults in bearings

Pub Time : 2018-10-06 12:29:14

(1) The bearing is discolored. When the bearing is running at a high temperature, it will produce black or blue. The main reason for the discoloration of the bearing is that the lubrication in the bearing does not meet the technical requirements; the dirt or impurities are invaded during the installation of the bearing; the cooperation between the bearing and the journal and the shaft hole is loose, resulting in sliding friction between the inner and outer rings of the bearing; The difference between the journals causes the bearing to be abnormally operated; the bearing is operated by its own design due to overspeed or overload operation; the axial clearance of the circular roller bearing is small; the bearing and the sealing device, the washer and Bushings and the like generate large friction.

(2) Cracks appear in the inner and outer rings of the bearing. On the inner and outer rings of the bearing, cracks of different degrees are generated, mainly due to defects in the bearing quality or defects in the steel used in the bearing; the bearing is subjected to a large external impact load; when the bearing is installed and disassembled, the bearing Directly hit by the iron, causing the inner ring and outer ring of the bearing to crack; the inner ring and the outer ring of the bearing and the seat hole and the journal are poorly matched, resulting in uneven bearing force on the raceway and cracks on the inner ring and the outer ring.

(3) Bearing corrosion. The seal of the bearing fails, causing external dirt or moisture to enter the bearing, causing corrosion of the bearing.

(4) Ball or roller is broken. Due to the small installation clearance of the bearing balls or rollers, the bearing is subjected to severe impact, and the lubricant is mixed with hard materials such as iron filings, causing the balls or rollers to be broken.

(5) There is a pothole in the raceway. The bearing is subjected to a strong external impact load or due to poor lubrication, resulting in the raceway exceeding the force design standard and causing potholes.

(6) Bearing rotation is laborious. The running speed of the bearing is slow, and it can't be rotated or rotated by hand. This is mainly because the bearing is not cleaned, the matching hole of the bearing journal, inner ring or outer ring is too small, resulting in bearing deformation or large force, which ultimately leads to It is laborious to operate.

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