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  • Common faults in bearings

    2018-10-06 12:29:14

    (1) The bearing is discolored. When the bearing is running at a high temperature, it will produce black or blue. The main reason for the discoloration of the bearing is that the lubrication in the bearing does not meet the technical requirements; the...

  • How to repair the bearing

    2018-10-06 12:24:04

    1. Inspection of the bearing. In the mechanical equipment, when the bearing fails, when the bearing is disassembled for inspection, the appearance of the bearing should be recorded, the residual amount of the lubricant inside the bearing...

  • Causes and treatment of motor bearing overheating

    2018-10-06 12:14:23

    First, the concept of bearing overheating: In general, bearing overheating means that the temperature rise of the rolling bearing exceeds 55 °C, and the temperature rise of the sliding bearing exceeds 40 °C. Second, the cause of motor...

  • Failure form and solution of rolling bearing

    2018-09-29 12:45:00

    Rolling bearings have the advantages of low friction, light starting and high efficiency. At the same time, rolling bearings have been standardized, mass-produced by specialized factories, and are easy to replace and replace, so they are...

  • New technology for heat treatment of stamped outer ring and cage

    2018-09-26 16:01:07

    The material for manufacturing the stamped outer ring and the retaining frame is formed by drawing and drawing a low carbon steel cold rolled coil with a low carbon content (wC=0.006% to 0.009%), a clean surface and a high dimensional accuracy. The...

  • Structure and design of SKF double row full complement cylindrical roller bearing

    2018-09-25 14:41:23

    SKF double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings are divided into the following structures: Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings, which contain the largest number of rollers and are therefore suitable for very...

  • Ceramic materials used in the bearing manufacturing industry

    2018-09-22 12:39:23

    With the rapid development of society and the rapid development of science and technology, the environment and conditions for the use of bearings are becoming more diverse, and the requirements for the structure, material and performance of bearings are...

  • The role of lubricating oil in mechanical operation

    2018-09-21 16:12:44

    The main role of lubricating oil in mechanical operation is as follows: (1) Reduce the friction loss on various contact surfaces such as bearings, reduction gears, and axles to increase efficiency. (2) Assist in removing heat...

  • Joint bearing characteristics

    2018-09-20 17:59:40

    Radial spherical plain bearing (1) GE...E type Single outer ring, no lubricating oil groove. Can withstand radial loads and small axial loads in either direction. (2) GE...ES type Single-slit outer ring with lubricating oil groove. Can...

  • Improvement of Grinding Process for Non-standard Single Row Tapered Roller Bearing Rings

    2018-09-19 14:58:14

    1 The structure of the single-row tapered roller bearing ring is relatively simple. Generally, it needs to be processed by forging, machining, heat treatment and grinding to achieve its size, precision and performance requirements, while the reasonable...