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The maintenance method of the mud pump

Oil is an important raw material for industrial production, and oil slurry pumps are an important tool in drilling petroleum raw materials. The oil slurry pump plays an important role because of the large amount of flushing fluid required in oil drilling operations. The oil mud pump as a tool will inevitably have a failure time. What are the maintenance methods for the daily failure of the oil slurry pump?

First, the working principle and classification of oil slurry pump

1. Working principle of oil slurry pump

The oil slurry pump is an important part of the oil drill, which is basically the same as the general reciprocating pump. It is mainly composed of a power end and a hydraulic end. The power end mainly includes components such as a connecting rod, a crosshead and a crank; the hydraulic end mainly comprises a piston, a pump cylinder, a suction valve and a discharge valve. Its main function is to inject mud into the well during drilling, which plays an important role in cleaning the drill and cooling the drill bit, fixing the hole wall and cleaning the drill. The main working principle is that when working, under a certain pressure impact, the water and mud in the high-pressure hose are transported to the low end of the drill hole, which has achieved the purpose of cooling the drill bit.

2. Classification of oil mud pumps

According to the action, the oil slurry pump is mainly divided into two types: single-acting and double-acting pumps; divided into three types: single-cylinder, double-cylinder and three-cylinder pumps according to the number of cylinders; divided into piston pump and plunger pump according to the piston style; The arrangement of the liquid cylinder can be divided into various types such as a horizontal pump and a vertical pump. The way these classifications are also the basis for distinguishing between various pumps.

Second, oil mud pump common fault analysis and maintenance

1. Impeller and mouth ring failure analysis and maintenance

The impeller of the oil slurry pump is an original exposed to the outside, and is mainly directly received by the atmosphere, so the cause of the failure is mostly due to atmospheric corrosion or inhalation of metal debris during rotation. The general cause of the malfunction of the mouth ring is due to improper wearing during installation. If the mouth ring is severely faulty, the impeller must be replaced. If it is lighter, you can use it to restore it.

2. Failure analysis and maintenance of the balance device

The balancing device includes a balance disc and a balance ring. When there is a problem with the balance device, first consider whether it can be restored by repair. If the wear is too serious, it should be replaced in time to avoid adverse consequences. The repair method is to first fix the unevenness caused by the wear by repair welding, and then add a 3mm thick Teflon gasket to the pump casing and the balance ring. The purpose of this is to eliminate the unevenness caused by the manual when repairing, and the added gasket material is also soft and hard.

3. Pump shaft failure analysis and maintenance

The pump shaft is the carrier of the impeller and the bushing and is also the core component of the rotor. If the pump shaft is bent, the gap between the pump shaft and the housing will cause wear on the impeller, the impeller and the bushing. As a result, the vibration of the pump body is increased, the axial thrust is also increased, and the balance disc and the balance seat are rubbed. The maintenance method is to first see if the bending amount of the shaft exceeds 0.06 mm. If it exceeds 0.06 mm, it should be straightened without heating with a screw press.

4. Bearing temperature is too high analysis

There are many factors that cause the bearing temperature to rise, mainly for the following reasons.

(1) The temperature rise due to unqualified lubricating oil quality;

(2) Due to the poor balance of the axial balance force of the balance drum, the temperature rise caused by the excessive bearing load;

(3) The angular error of the bearing is too large, causing the temperature increase caused by the increase of the bearing load;

(4) The bearing clearance is insufficient, the load is increased, and the temperature rise is caused.

5. Failure analysis and maintenance caused by mechanical seal

The mechanical seal is such that one end face and the other end face are fitted to each other by an auxiliary seal. And produce relative sliding to achieve leakage prevention. The seepage problem of mechanical seals is the main problem of oil drilling mud pumps, accounting for a large proportion. Therefore, the degree of good or bad affects the normal operation of the pump. The consequences will result in a large amount of axial turbulence in the pump rotor and an increase in the interference between the auxiliary seal and the shaft. The maintenance method is that the mechanical seal is assembled, the amount of yaw of the shaft should not be less than 0.1 mm, and the movement of the moving ring can be flexibly moved on the shaft.

6. Analysis and maintenance of rotor axial turbulence

When the pump is assembled, the total turbulence of the pump should be calculated first and then compared to the total turbulence on the instructions. If the result is greater than 1 mm, the worn impeller should be replaced.

7. Coupling gap adjustment

When the coupling is adjusted, the coupling clearance should be 2~3mm larger than the relevant specified value. This is because the pump shaft is affected by the expansion of the heat.

Third, the oil mud pump routine maintenance methods and precautions

1. Main items before pumping

Avoid frequent pumping before pumping, and prevent vaporization of the pump during pumping and pumping. Moreover, when the high temperature liquid is delivered in a cold state, it is not allowed to start the multistage pump operation urgently. The reason is that when the transported high-temperature hot liquid reaches the multi-stage cold-state pump body, the temperature of the pump body will change greatly due to the high-temperature hot liquid, which will cause the pump body to be heated unevenly, and the pump body Deformed with the rotor.

2. The main matters of the pump in operation

If it is a mud pump that balances the axial force by a balancing mechanism such as a balance plate, in order to ensure the normal operation of the pump, there are the following points.

First, the balance balance tube connecting the balance device and the inlet end of the pump should not be blocked. If it is found that there is scale inside the tube, it should be cleaned in time. Secondly, the pressure gauge should be installed on the high pressure side of the balance tube to check the pressure at the outlet of the balance tube.

3. Precautions after stopping the pump

When the oil slurry pump stops working, the weight of the impeller and the rotor will force the pump shaft in one direction, which will easily cause the shaft to bend. The pump should be inspected regularly.

4. Disassembly and repair of oil slurry pump

When disassembling or repairing the oil slurry pump, the operator must be proficient in the structure of the mud pump. And prepare the tool in advance when disassembling or repairing. During the transfer, care should be taken to clean the parts of the pump and then transfer them according to the structure. The transfer should be careful and there should be no loss. Check it after the transfer. See if it has been fully transferred.

5. Pre-assembly check notes

For multi-stage pumps, the number of parts must be checked before pre-assembly. The operator should understand the installation sequence. For example, for multi-stage pumps, the rotor part should be assembled first, in order to check the concentricity and skewness of the rotor. The distance from the impeller outlet. Be sure to calibrate the pump shaft first, then install the impeller and balance plate on it, and finally lock it with the bushing and install it on the top of the lathe or on the v-shaped iron.

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