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4R4054 Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Product Description

Fastenal Machinery Corporation culture
Business Purpose:
With most advanced bearing technology. Grow the company by always supplying best quality bear-ings at best price to the customers.
Company spirit:Be earnest, be practical and realistic.
Company tenet:Always meet customer’s demand and requirement.
Management Policy:
Ensure that Fastenal Machinery Corporation is a company for which we feel proud to work--to build up employee loyalty. Reinforce the confidence our customers have--------to build up customer loyalty. Contribute to a global society--------to build up international competence.
Teamwork is critical for good results. It ensures that all relevant competencies are involved in the decision-making and dramatically increases the chances of active support and commitment for decisions taken. Therefore the team must consist of people and competencies that are complementary, which in itself promotes a more exciting work climate.

When the application calls for direct coupling, the shafts must be correctly aligned
in all three planes. Bad alignment can be a major source of noise and vibration.Allowance must be made for shaft end-float and thermal expansion in both axial and vertical planes. It is preferable to use flexible
drive couplings
allow Bearing 4R4054 to run for about ten minutes in order that excess grease may be expelled before refitting the relief plug. Bearings fitted with rotating grease relief or through grease valves will relieve automatically
Depending on the site conditions it may be necessary to create a suitable stores area
to hold the Bearing 4R4054 prior to installation. Packing cases are not waterproof. Bearing 4R4054s should be stored in a dry, vibration free and clean area at normal ambients (–20°C to 40°C), unless other arrangements have been agreed with Bearing Distributors Inc. Where low temperature ambient storage is anticipated, special precautions should be taken with the type of grease, no plastic parts etc. to ensure trouble free start-up. Bearing 4R4054 must be stored away from corrosive or chemically damaging fumes.
Bearing 4R4054 must be installed with adequate access for routine maintenance. A minimum of 0.75m of working space around the Bearing 4R4054 is recommended. Adequate space around the Bearing 4R4054, particularly at the fan inlet (50mm), is also necessary to facilitate airflow. Where several Bearing 4R4054 are installed in close proximity, care must be taken to ensure that
there is no recirculation of exhausted warm air. Foundations must be solid, rigid and level.

Long-term reliability, safety and performance can be predicted by rigorous testing. Fastenal Machinery Corporation Bearing maintains onsite testing facilities to test Cylindrical Roller Bearings--4R4054 in real-world applications. Fastenal Machinery Corporation manufacturing facility uses cutting-edge measuring equipment such as Taylor Hobson, Talyrond and profile analysis machines.

Fastenal Machinery Corporation designs specific life-testing Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings that simulate customer applications. We are also able to perform a comparison analysis with competitors to establish quality benchmarks.Rust requirements of surface treatments are vetted by using the salt-spray test.


Fastenal Machinery Corporation produces Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings in various design styles, sizes and dimension series.

Fastenal Machinery Corporation heavy duty radial cylindrical roller bearings are designed to provide the highest possible radial capacity for the given cross section and to perform under heavy radial loads. 4R4054 Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings incorporate improved internal proportions developed through computer assisted optimization studies, to make the maximum use of the total available cross-sectional area. The rollers of Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings have controlled contour to redistribute end stress concentration and provide more uniform distribution of the applied loads (suffix ZB). Their surface finishing maximizes lubricant film formation and optimizes rolling motion.


The standard ISO assortment of 4R4054 Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings program includes single and double row bearings with a cage that can accommodate heavy radial loads and operation at high speeds.A complete range in various executions of full complement of rollers suitable for more heavy loads at moderate speeds is also available.Large size Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings can be supplied with surface treated rollers (suffix B). In addition to the standard assortment, Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings range is comprehensive of open and sealed multi row for rolling mills in many executions and designes, backing 4R4054 Large Cylindrical Roller Bearings for cold rolling mills and indexing roller units for continuous furnace


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